who was she? 

She walked down the road as if the earth was bowing down to her. As she walked past the green lush grass, it looked as if she was complimenting the grass by her color.

Who was she?

She had the same body parts as anyother human being, then what was that unusal thing about her that made her different from others.
She was wearing sunglasses, hiding behind her vulnerability, killing the world with her confidence. Her steady walk also supported her motive of deceiving the world with her charisma.

Who was she ?

She walked, like a sea wave showering over the people who looked at her. Her clothes pressing closed to her body, giving a perfect caricature of her. As she walked, the sharp tapping of her heels signalled people to let her walk down the aisle like a princess.

Who was she?

She was wearing a lipstick just like the color of the blood running through her viens. She was bounded with grace in such a way like a shadow is to a body. Her elegance was visible to the world without any veil. Her body, her soul, her skin, her attitude everything was mesmerizing about her.

Who was she?

Dipped in chocolate,

Bronzed in elegance,

Enameled with grace,

Toasted with beauty,


-Yosef Ben- Jochannan

P.S. Featured Image: Unsplash.com

13 thoughts on “who was she? 

      1. Pragati

        I liked that book. But can’t tell about others. It was adapted into movie last year only and got an academy for it. If you will see it then you will understand my reference of “Later”. 😁

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