3 questions – Part 2 

So, before I start I would request the people who have not read the previous post of mine i.e. “3 questions – Part 1” to go through it so that you could get some air about what the hell I am talking about. 

Those who have read it could ignore the above statement. I am here to write down my view regarding those 3 questions so here we go :-

1.What is the most over estimated thing in this world?

According to me, it’s Love. Yes, you read it correctly. It’s absolutely, straightforwardly, sarcastically, ironically love. Every second person nowadays is in love.This could be a love for a human being or any materialistic thing. It sounds bitter but people are often seen loving the latter thing, a non-living thing that provides temporary happiness.Nonetheless, this love makes them so blind that they forget about everything else and they think that this person or thing would stay with them always. They trust the love of their lives and started expecting a lot from them.So, here comes their overestimation and overexpectation for that particular person or thing.So, finally when they get deceived they suffer from that blow.My solution to this is not that you should stop loving things or people.But, I think people should create a thin line between them and their loves, in a more clear way try to be neutral towards the things in your lives.This would not only give you joy but would prepare you for the worst of the times to come.

2.What is the most under estimated thing in this world?

My point of view is a little wider in this.I think everything is underestimated in this world in the eyes of a person.Yes, it’s only we people only  who underestimate everybody else in big to trivial matters.We only think that the second person is inferior to us in one or the other way.Have you ever noticed anyone and not criticised him/her for a single moment, not even in your mind? Ask yourself honestly and you would get your answer.Bitter truth is that people get pleasure in finding flaws in everything surrounding them. They love that feeling, and this thing makes me hate this world a little more.So ,here I am also criticising this world.So this is a cycle that goes on and on.

3.What is the one thing that you want to be non-existent in this world?Give reason as well.


Yes, the word is enough to explain all the wars,divisions,tragedies,racism,discrimination in this world.Just roll back to the history of this world and just read about how much pain, sorrow, savagery this world has experienced only due to this word.There would have been no world wars, no racism ,no partitions if this world had a single religion of mankind.

P.S.If you liked or disliked my view you are free to express your views and contact me as well.😊

5 thoughts on “3 questions – Part 2 

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    1. the undomestic writer

      Oh, thank you so much, this compliment is too much for me.As I m just a novice in knowing things to such a depth as you could.😊


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