Perceiving the world through her eyes, and deceiving the world with playful lies,

No one could fathom, the mystery behind her,

As the world is just an antumbra of the world that lives beneath her,

Having a deal with this diplomatic world, her malleable soul takes the form of a cage, that prisons her other soul, Is’nt it too savage?

The clinking sounds that her caged soul makes, hammers her second to second,

And the perceptions and judgements of the outside world make her anguish bitter to bitter,”There is a lot that I want to give to this creepy world, but this world does’nt deserve it at all!” , cried her weary soul,

For judging a Gemini is not that easy for all,

She is the place were the two moons shine, were the two souls live, were the possibilities meets the impossibilities,

So a world can’t tell a Gemini how to live!

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