3 questions- Part 4

As per the tradition, before I start expressing my opinion I would request the people who are new to get through this post ‘3 questions- Part3‘, so as to get accustomed to what I am gonna babble out.

As far as, people’ s views are concerned I have got the chance to see so many extraordinary and beautiful views on the given questions. I am thankful to all the people who took part in my naive post. 

Well, according to me, there is no one correct answer to these questions. There could be infinite answers to these questions. Every person has a different story to tell in this world. They have experienced something or other  that could be related to their answers and views. Their lives shapes their opinions.(These statements are only written to tell that even I don’t have any perfect answers to these questions and it would only be my soul who is going to answer them on my behalf).So, here we go:

1. What is the most subtle thing in this world?

The first thing that comes into my mind is how to see this question more deeply. How to plunge into the details of this question and unwrap it’s subtleness. It seems as if the question is trying to say something through it’s eyes.

What we see first when coming in contact with a thing? What is the first thing that we notice in any stranger?

Eyes, yes eyes which we could see still couldn’t grasp the mystery that lies behind them, at the back of their minds.Even looking in the mirrors at yourself, your focus is always on the eyes, have you ever thought why is it the eyes that we always look at in the mirror? Why are we always inclined in knowing about a person(that could be you as well) through eyes. This makes it a more subtle thing for me in this world.

2.What is the most ironical thing about human beings?

 We had been thought since childhood that, “Human being is a social animal”. What could be more ironical than this sentence. Going by the meaning of social in a dictionary we get something like : “Living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups“. Other dictionary states it as : “A characteristic of high society“. High society? Really?

Always striving for your own selfish needs, belittling everyone who brings out something out of the box, making your own laws and rules, turning blind towards the things that need attention, making your way out by using your community members as puppets.Well, we human beings could win an award under “the most ironical actors in this world!”.

3.What is the most misunderstood word in this world?

Well, words have always played with my life. They made me believe in their meanings and after winning my confidence, they hit me straight on my face. One such criminal word that has always played with my emotion is “forever”. It would sound naive of me, but yes this word has played a lot more with my life and my emotions. And yes, it was such a childish of me to get trapped in such a unpromising word, not able to smell it’s staleness and hollowness. 

P.S. I think this much explanation is enough to give in my answers. Preventing myself from plunging into too much details.

Never stop questioning yourself and fetching a contemplation time for yourself in your busy schedule.

Have a nice day!

20 thoughts on “3 questions- Part 4

  1. What a beautiful post! It is so nice to read these types of posts that are so personal and open. Thank you for sharing I will think about the questions but I fall in the category of too “shy” to answer but I will answer them in my notes, maybe one day I could blog as freely as you do your style is beautiful.

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    1. the undomestic writer

      I would love to knw your answers.If u are shy in posting here you can go the contact page on my menu and post there if you wish.So, there I will be able to read your answers personally.

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      1. Thatโ€™s difficult to answer, Writer. If you are negative and I am positive, therefore attracted to one another, then yes, Negative it is. But if by negative you mean that which repels me, then NO, it is not negative at all. I was not kidding or exaggerating when I typed that you are profound and far more intelligent than the average observer might believe you to beโ€ฆ

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