” Comforting Reminders: That despite being mostly strangers to each other. We are all in this together.” – Jova

Comforting Reminders. Yes, this is what we do in each and every moment in our lives. When things are not working out the way they should be, you blame other things to comfort yourself.

When you give your best and even then you fail, you comfort yourself by saying that those things were not meant for you.

When things do work out the way you wanted, after trying your best you become protective of those achievements and comfort your mind that this is it. Nothing will go bad after this.

And these things are not just things, they could be anything, your ambitions, people you want in your life or the events that you wanted or not wanted to occur.( So I am talking in a general way, you can derive your own examples as per your experience).

And what the situation looks to me is, we carry a bag full of cards and whenever any situations like above occurs we take out a card from our bag and read out a comforting note written on this card. That works as a sedative for our mind. Every situation has a different cards.

And just as there was a line in the movie Forest Gump that: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” . Similarly here, in a comical way, you will never know which card you’re gonna read in the coming situation. But, yes they all will be common in comforting our minds.

So, doing this makes you happy?

Mind: Of course. Why not? I am so relaxed. I am unmoved as always. I am so stable. Yay. I am fearless. Nobody can move me.

But, wait a minute. Is this the right way?

To hide in and be relaxed. Why do we fear vulnerability? We think that will make us weak, expose our inside to the world. We are so much comfortable with those lies and find it easy tojust runaway from those truths. Truth of impermanence in life. Truth of acceptance. Because that make us, vulnerable. That make us feel naked infront of our eyes and this world of people.

So, why not just drown in this sea of vulnerability. Yes, let it permeate through your body, into your blood, your bones, each and every nerve of our body. Let yourself sink in this sea of vulnerability. Feel it. Feel the pain, joy, sorrows, even the numbness. Feel everything. Be aware of the fact that you are getting vulnerable. You will feel so much insignificant in that sea of vulnerability. Just like a drop of water in a vast sea. And all those emotions, you will be confronting them. You will feel them, accept them, develop an immunity for them, for that virus of vulnerability and then after that, you will never be same again.

So, it’s better to be vulnerable once, rather than trying to be brave for thousand times.

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16 thoughts on “Vulnerable.

  1. I’m quite vulnerable now and I can feel the pain, joy, sorrows, even the numbness. Loved this post & that quote from Forrest gump reminded me of that amazing movie!
    I’m gonna watch it tonight…
    I really loved the emotions and flow of words in all your posts that I have been through. Will love to read further

    Liked by 1 person

      1. the undomestic writer

        Oh, Thank you so much. I would be very elated by that.
        And yes definitely I will check yours too.
        Thank you so much again for stopping by. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Noor_87Khan

    I think its okay to feel vulnerable, sometimes insecure, and inadequate these are human emotions…but we just to need know how to cope with and make it a driving force in our life instead of a hurdle… beautiful life lesson..thankyou

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  3. See, that’s exactly where fear comes in. A lot of people can’t deal with feeling vulnerable as you said and to mask their problems fall into the trap of drugs or alcohol or some other indulgent stuff, but then again, always trying to be in one’s comfort zone isn’t a good thing either, as you so rightly mentioned.

    I feel it is the matter of hitting that sweet spot.

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    1. the undomestic writer

      See, I told you it depends according to the situation. And yes, doing drugs etc makes you more vulnerable to take them again and again. So, you can’t get rid of that problem then. Vulnerability in my context is to accept it in a RIGHT way. And then move on.

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