Hashtag Memory?

Memory is a funny thing.

It can effortlessly make you laugh, cry, loathe and sometimes even could send chills down your spine.

It also has multiple definitions given by different kind of people. For some, it’s their treasure house (nowadays it’s those photographs floating in social media with hashtag nostalgia, hashtag memories, hashtag major missing, hashtag drama, hashtag blah blah) to relish their past, for some it’s a neverending nightmare, some call it the event/s that has shaped them, destroyed them, made them what they are today. So, these are just the definitions.

So, first of all I will also share one of my memories before discussing further onto this.

The Lost Child Story(Quite an apt title:P)

So, this was an event that could have been a turning point of my life. I with my family and extended family were on a vacation to a religious place which was located on the mountains. I was 5 then. I have always got this car sickness and adding to the zig zag turns I had already got my share of drowsiness that day.

We arrived there and started searching for the hotels nearby. I was following one of the members i.e. my grandfather from behind and kept on moving as we were looking for hotels. I called him and I saw that I was following some stranger instead of him. I looked left and right and could find no one. Then, I kept on moving forward till I reached were the temple was located. I couldn’t find any known figure there. I entered the temple, inorder to check if anyone from my family was there in case, by any chance.

In that stream of people inside the temple I pushed myself in. I could see people singing and murmuring their prayers in their own world and hundreds of hands combing through the idols of God as if one touch could cure everything. Every problem in their lives. Seeing their zest for that touch, I copied them, thinking that maybe doing this I can meet my family again. I touched each and every idol present in that temple. And side by side I was also looking for my people around. I copied whatever people were doing to make God happy there, because I thought may be HE will help me to find my family. Maybe HE will call my parents to tell them that I was there. Doing this for full 2 rounds I lost all my hopes. What more can you expect from a kid then? Obviously, crying πŸ˜‚.

So, previously nobody was paying any heed to me, but doing this actually diverted attention of some of the people from GOD on me. A person came to me and took me to a place. There, I could see so many lost children crying and wailing and looking for their parents. It was actually a Lost Child Search Operation Point were a man was announcing the names of the children on a mic, who were lost and sitting right there.

Here, I am thankful to my parents who had made me memorise their mobile no., address and even my relatives no. by heart. I use to think why they are always nudging me into memorizing so many details when everything is written on the school diary. So, I gulped out all the details in a go that even that man was in shock to know how much updated I was in such facts. πŸ˜‚ He kept on announcing, I kept on sobbing. This continued for next 1 hour. Then, I saw my mother and my aunt entering the temple gate. They looked calm and composed as if nothing has happened. I called my mom. Seeing me, she was shocked as hell. I hugged her and started crying. She asked me how I ended up there, I told her everything. She was thinking that I was sleeping with my cousins in the hotel room. She hugged me tightly and started crying and being religious she thanked GOD. So, at the end HE took all the credit.πŸ˜‚ Ironically, we visited temple again but this time I was with my mother. And this made me believe something, and yes HE deserves some credit as well.☺

So, coming to the point, what made me call Memory, a funny thing?

Thing is that I still remember this incident as if this is engraved somewhere in my mind and I will never get rid of it for life. All that time, when these things were actually happening all that was present in my mind at that moment was fear and I could do nothing but fear and be driven by the consequences taking place there at that moment. But, the funny thing is that I was not aware of the fact that I am recording this event in the form of a video somewhere in my mind. A video without any need for camera.

So, memory is just like that background dancer in a movie who is also doing the same things that the lead actor is doing. But, all our attention is on that actor(or that event ) that is taking place. It is just like that silent music which nobody could hear but it is still playing.

P.S. So, I would like to know the feedback of my readers. What do they think about this? Feel free to share your memories, your views. 😊

25 thoughts on “Hashtag Memory?

  1. BabarMir

    Nicely articulated! I feel it fear that clouds our thinking in the moment which is fine at times. However, I feel it is important that we look back and reflect on what happened because an experience is truly never forgotten. Keep writing πŸ™‚

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      1. When I was young I too was lost in a similar way, and it was not some congregation where you would have lost and found centers but it was a busy town street. Of course, I too panicked, along with my father on the other hand who had “lost” me. 😁 But after many minutes of frantic searching and the help of a local shopkeeper he was able to locate me. It was a few years after that we got mobile phones.

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    1. Pragati

      I guess just like in any play we have an audience and different actors, and the script. So, here the spectator is I, actors are the people and what takes place in that play is the event. Just like in a play what touches our heart stays in our mind similarly whatever best thing that spectator likes about that actor stays in his/her mind. And this play is called life. And that imprint is called memory.


      1. Pragati

        Yes, we learn from everything. It was a roller coaster ride. Some gave pain, some gave happiness and some even made us think a lot.


  2. Pragati! What a tale and narration filled with warmth, adventure and bliss days of childhood. I could paint a vivid picture of the temple and how we touch the idols when we lose our way. So many of us have done it. Your words give a lyrical expression and weaving it like a fiction tale in such a majestic way.

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    1. Pragati

      Yes, here I actually lost my ways but in life as well when we feel like we are in doubt or in delusion we do these things, there is something that calms our soul at that time. 😊
      Anyways, thanku so much for reading! 😊😊


  3. rakshithsathish

    Really interesting! isn’t it strange that a memory can have different impact on you at different points of life? For e.g this would be a nightmare when you were a kid but now I am sure you were smiling while writing every word of it.. and everyone has something like this

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    1. Pragati

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. Its definition changes with our perspective. Yes, now I smile looking into that event still sometimes “what if?” makes me shiver. 😁
      Anyways, thankyou so much for stopping by. ☺

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