Few weeks back, yet another ordinary day you can say. I was waiting for the city bus at the stop. Other people waiting out there were busy talking or swiping those flashy mobile screens and among those were these two old people, most probably husband and wife.

They reminded me of my grandfather and grandmother. As they were strangers to me let’s name them Mr. X and Mrs. X. The man looked sturdy and was firmly holding a suitcase whereas the Lady looked ostensibly calm, clutching a cotton bag close to her heart as if it was her most priced possession. Even after being part of that crowd, waiting for the bus there was something that made them look detached from that world of hustle bustle.

The bus came and everybody was in a hurry to board it. Mr. and Mrs. X also hurried up to match the pace of others with tenacity. And at last they got their seats. Mr. X, trying to catch up his breathe with that adamant stern look, Mrs. X trying to look calmer and impervious by clutching her bag more tightly. I was sitting right beside them, but their heads were straight, unconcerned about who was on their left or right.

This continued till the first stop came. That was the first time they craned their necks to see what was written on the shops out there. Probably looking for the name of that area. Once they got it, they told each other the name as if assuring about something. Then they returned back to their original stern and impervious look respectively.

Then, the second stop came and they repeated this exercise again. Looking for any address plate or landmark out there and saying it quietly to each other in assurance. After five- six stops, the bus stopped again. They continued with their stint. This time saying “V S Marg”, louder than their previous announcements. And after that a sense of relief engulfed their stern faces. They cracked small smiles of satisfaction, this time assuring each other that they are going on the right path and hopefully will not be missing their destination. Seeing them like this was so much overwhelming and satisfying for me as well.

Sometimes life teaches you lessons, at unexpected places, in its own subtle ways. All you need to be is vigilant in order to learn something out of it. And this was no less than a lesson for me that sometimes in this journey of life all you need is Hope, nothing more than that. This Hope can help you sail through the toughest obstacles of your lives.

And don’t get me wrong here, Hoping doesn’t makes you to Desire or wish for anything unrealistic. There is a fine line between desiring and hoping. If that old couple would have just desired or wished for getting to their stop without anybody telling them to where to stop or without making any effort they would have eventually missed their stop/destination. They took small small steps even if having fear crippling their heart and unaware of what will come next, they did their work of assurance with full confidence and gradually gained confidence out of that process. So, they developed hope at the end which was backed by their reasonable confidence about their desire to reach their end goals.

Ending this with one of my favourite quotes:

” Thomas Edison’s last words were ‘It’s very beautiful over there.’ I don’t know where there is, but I believe it’s somewhere and I hope it’s beautiful.”

John Green

P.S. I hope you all got a glimpse of what I am trying to say. I have my perspective which could be different for anyone.

13 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. Firstly I super loved the story
    Second I admire that you are so full of hope and love that what you wish for is so real and honest nothing pricey or materialistic. that’s so thoughtful.
    And thirdly yes we should always be hopeful there is nothing wrong that is motivating infact and should not be obsessive about desires that can be dangerous.

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  2. Like you, I find the greatest lessons of life in the most unexpected places in small seemingly insignificant things. Perhaps that is where the secrets to life hide and only those who look for it hidden away from grandiose scenes will find it.

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