Do you think, “zombies” exist in real life? We call them the living dead in the movies, a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force. Who are dead from inside but still alive. Do you think you can find such people in real life? I guess not! No one would be aware of the fact that they have been around a zombie, because everybody is so much overconcerned about themselves that they don’t see any “living dead” around them. So let me make this simple for such ignornant people.

Here are some of the places you could find these zombies

( I would be referring to such zombies as they, not He or She)

1 . The ones waiting:

You can spot them in some nearby cafes, coffee shops sitting in the corner with plenty of money in their pocket to buy anything still an emptiness crippling their heart. They order everything thinking, “ok may be this thing would make me happy”. They sit and wait for the food. That wait makes them anxious so they start scrolling through their social media and beautiful photos on Instagram. The wait is over, sumptuous food is placed on the table. Waiter smiles, they try to copy that( with a forceful “thankyou”). Now, they have the food still that empty feeling nudges them from inside. Then they think, “Ok may be I should take a photo or two of my food, afterall I am spending so much money and ambiance looks so perfect let me take few pics so that people could feel a bit jealous about my pics on instagram. And I guess that would make me happy.” They take aesthetic photos with perfect background. And then upload it on Instagram with following tags: #perfectevening #metime #instagood #happiness

(reality: #fuckedup)

They are the people waiting for something, something good to happen. But, what is that something, they themselves don’t know.

2. The ones running:

They have a habit of running away. You will see them as health conscious people or fitness freak but may be there could be a different story behind it. May be they are not just running physically but also mentally, from all those tensions holding them behind. That running relieves them from their burden even if it’s for a moment. They crave for that getway. To forget everything going on in their lives and just run and run till their body becomes sore. Till they die of pain they just want to run. The adrenaline rush they get from it, gives them a reason to feel good about themselves. May be they just want that feeling of stimulation to get them through the tough day that awaits them.

They don’t know why they are running but they want to do that only.

3. The ones reading:

You can find them in the bookstores or in classrooms, hiding behind the books. Some are just reading whatever is told to them, because they don’t know what else to do, to try to forget what’s going on in their mind. Some are reading because they feel alone in this world, they try to search the books, that talk about whatever they are going through. They think maybe there were some people(authors) who know what they are going through presently. May be those people had experienced it. Through this they come across Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski, Albert Camus. These people adore these dead people, they relate to them more than anybody present in this world right now. They smell those yellow pages, read those lines again and again that calms their soul. That makes them feel that they are not alone, and feeling that way is not odd.

They read. They underline. They relate. And then repeat it.

4. The ones pretending:

They are the most common types of zombies. When they come to know about their problems they prefer hiding away and pretending. They love making lame excuses of not attending any social outing. They pretend that they are damn busy infront of people. They don’t hate people, but they just are more conscious about themselves. They hate themselves more than people. They prefer locking themselves in their rooms and sleeping for hours like dead people. They don’t want to see themselves in the mirror because they hate that person in the mirror. They prefer replying by texts as people calling them make them go crazy.

They pretend. They get tired. They sleep and repeat.

P.S. I guess readers are now getting, what I am trying to talk about. Just like what I did in this post i.e. not naming it and just beating around the bush, this is the way mental health is usually addressed in our society. Everybody is aware of the fact, still people are not open to discuss it as freely as they should. Even though I am glad that people are a bit more aware of this than they were before and are talking about it.( Even if it’s on the social media platform). Still, it needs a lot more progress, when people would be able to talk about freely to their family members or to the people that matter to them. Yes, I know maybe family members won’t get it totally, but we can try to tell them instead of keeping it inside us and let it eat us away. Seeing myself as a child, I never thought that I could go through such things when I will grow up. Or was not even aware of the fact that these things also exist. That would make me weak, vulnerable and would make me doubt myself and hate myself. But thankfully I got a way to deal with this on my own which many people might not get.( And if you are reading this and you think you are one of them, then I am ready to lend you my hand, and to hear you because you know you are not alone.)

And I wouldn’t be pretending, but yes I thought of writing this post earlier today but sometimes you know, you don’t feel like doing that thing even if you plan to do that and it’s ok. I did it right now and I am posting it.

Happy World Mental Health Day! (Please talk more freely not just today but everyday).

Featured image credits :Unsplash.com(@marloeshilckmann)

18 thoughts on “Zombies

  1. Pragati! I think many of us have the various zombies traits discussed in this post and yeah some of the attributes are present in me. Yes, we still not ready to address the issues and just last time we were discussing how mental health ails us in some way or the other. It’s important to seek help in addressing depression. Our thoughts are not ours and not even a fault just something that pops like insects.

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  2. The thing that I can relate to this write up is both scary and comforting. Comforting because this reemphasises that nobody is alone. I’m sorry that you had to go through anxiety (I hate the feeling of being anxious constantly too), but also proud of you to be able to deal with it on your own 🙂. I tried checking every psychiatry book available in my library but issues like depression and anxiety got summed up in 4 pages. I was so frustrated because if coming of age doctors are not taught about mental illness properly, how are we going to fight the problem that is practically everywhere nowadays…

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    1. Pragati

      I am glad to see that you are able to relate with my post and happy that you shared how the lack of good knowledge in this subject is bothering you as well. It’s of great concern and I wish more people come forward to acknowledge this fact. Thank you so much for reading! 😊

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