3 questions – Part 5

It’s been a while since I have done my 3 questions post( To the once who are wondering what is this, then let me tell you that when my mind is perplexed and full of questions, I post 3 questions that I want my readers to answer(obviously, if they like). These are the questions on/about life, which when constantly pester me, I put them over here. If you want to know or want to read about my previous post, on the similar concept you can over here.

So my questions are:

1. What is the one most simple thing about life?

Ans: Well, it could be a cliched answer, but the most simple thing about life is, it is fleeting! It is passing every moment and this simple fact we keep on forgetting while seeking other things. It looks a paradox in itself when the most simplest thing becomes difficult to remember.

2. What are the variables as well as constants in (your/anyones) life?( A question with a wider scope, because I will not be setting any paramters in this. It’s upto you what you think.)

Ans: The only constant in my life is change. Rest everything is variable.

3. And one personal question, if you succeed, what will happen?

Ans: Success is relative and the way you see it varies from person to person. And for me success lies in small things. Like doing my bit so that others could be happy or making through a difficult day. Success is just a choice for me not a goal. The choice of being happy from within and spreading it.

25 thoughts on “3 questions – Part 5

  1. 1. Life has only one meaning that it has no meaning.
    2. I’m the constant whereas life is the variable.
    3. If I succeed then nothing will happen to me, I will still remain the same.
    Some good question and I apologize for writing indirect answers….

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  2. 1. Most simple thing about life is that it is dissipating with each passing moment without us realising it.

    2. Variables are the things that you possess. And constants are the “real” things that you possess.

    3. Each passing day we succeed in some things and we fail in some things. No body can succeed all the time (I think). So nothing happens actually.

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  3. 1. Life becomes only after getting the hang of it’s complexities.

    2. I guess everything and everyone in this life is a variable (including us). Everything changes and nobody stays the same for more than a day.

    3. I don’t know about success, it can have so many different meanings. But if I am able to reach where I want to be, I guess it’ll be nice? (Which is kinda dumb. But okay I guess.)

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    1. Pragati

      Hey Sana, I would really appreciate your effort to write down, such honest answers. Yes, everything is variable when we look at it with respect to a particular reference frame. Thanks again😊

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  4. Accidental Blogger

    Most simple thing about life : Life isn’t simple.

    Variables in life would be People who keep changing while constants will be family.

    If I succeed , My parents will be happiest.

    These are really great questions btw🙌😉

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  5. The most simple thing, I believe and it’s a very rational that things in nature exist in most stable state in their most simplest form. So whatever situations one is strangled in there is always a simplification that leads to a peaceful realm. For me i as a whole leading a simple life, is the most simplest thing to adopt. For eg, being kind, being streamlined, not complicating thing unnecessary, living with the fact that excessive materialism serve no good and money and all is transient. Creating balance etc.
    My variables and constant, if I compare with mathematics or try to relate with it, your goal is constant for eg having a peaceful life (I remember reading the alchemist) and there are various approaches to achieve that serve as the variables. my goal can be providing my mom all the luxuries, like everything (God be willing), and by this I need to get my dreams to reality and for that i need to get my variables right.
    For Some it can be getting a beautiful wife in off- seas , nowadays people have weird aspirations (it’s 2018😁) like walking down the rope tied along twin tower or jumping from the roof top of bruj khalifa, roaming the world on bicycle .
    Prime Minister of India does it sound impossible / obnoxious? Or atleast i want to curb poverty God be willing. Still so much biasness among education due to casteism , richness. The educational system must reform towards the betterment of status quo.
    That’s seem impossible but you never know.
    Ps : sometimes I get humorous, Nebharmind😉.

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    1. Pragati

      Thank you so much for writing such a thoughtful answer. This made me think. I really hope you succeed😅, it looks promising I suppose. Thanks again for reading. 😊

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