Today I will be talking about a song that I have been incessantly listening for a month. And the thing that makes this song special is that how perfectly it resonates with my idea. What Idea? I will be talking about that later.

The name of this song is Shallow. It is from the movie A Star is born, featuring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga(debut movie, and she is looking gorgeous!!). And they both have done an amazing job singing this.

So, coming to the song, I really loved its lyrics. I will not be writing down the lyrics here but will tell you all, how this song has won my heart.

In this song, there are two people- a boy and a girl are having a conversation. The boy asks the girl, if she is happy with the modern world they are living in or she needs more, is there anything she is searching for?

And then the boy tells her about himself, that he feels like falling. He also tells her that the way he is living his life is in terms of two emotions i.e. when the time is good in his life, he longs for change, he wants more and more then. And in bad times he fears that this will remain like this forever. He doesn’t know what to do in this situation. He feels like his life is oscillating between these two situations. He feels like his life is guarded and he can do nothing to escape this thinking of the modern world.

And then, listening to all this, the girl asks the boy, is he not tired of filling voids in his life, in order to get accepted by this world, and is it not hard playing strong and happy in front of everyone, all the time!

So, in short both of them look tired of this shallow modern world. They are seeing themselves at the deep end. From where they both want to dive in together, far and far from this shallow world, where nobody(from modern world) could reach them. They want to go deep far from the ground, in the shallow. Devoid of all materialistic desires and attachments that make them part of that shallow world and make them its puppets.

This is what love and to live is according to me. And that’s why I really liked this song. Even if its a short song, it conveys so many things in a subtle way. And many people can seek different meaning out of it depending on their circumstances.

I wish Lady Gaga gets all the awards for such an awesome song, infact the entire album is amazing. You all can watch the song here:

P.S. Have you listened this? What are your thoughts on this?

24 thoughts on “Shallow

  1. I am gaga over lady Gaga, been a huge fan for a long time. I don’t remember Shallow, though and thanks for sharing Pragati. The lines echo what I have always striving and wanting to be, zero fuck to the world. Love should be like that, creating our own universe!

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    1. Loki of asgard

      Bradley Cooper is a phenomenal artist…..amazing direct actor and singer ….he really has a great voice…and has worked for it…for approx two years ..his voice in this movie….is love ..
      Awesome album of the year…!!!

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  2. Loki of asgard

    Wow…I m in love with this song…infact all the songs from the album…dy both have done great job.. and every song has a meaning and a story to tell….whether is shallow…may be its tym let the old ways die…yr music to my eyes ….I LL never love again…but shallow…is phenomenal…n has a deeper meaning and resonantes to the current world life….the world which is unforgiving and judgemental… the end…I love Bradley Cooper’s voice and..lady gaga she is epitome……
    I m off deep end…
    Watch as I dive in
    I ll never meet the ground
    Crash thru the surface.
    Where dy cant find us
    We are far from the shallow now…

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