Eyes: In Metaphors

Sometimes, I like to think in metaphors, when I get bored of thinking straight in a simple way. It adds sublimity to my thoughts and it’s a kind of meditation to me. It’s just like playing a game with my thoughts. A Metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is regarded as representative or symbolic of something else.

The first thing that I/We notice in somebody is Eyes. So, today I want to write about the list of metaphors that comes in my mind when I think of Eyes.

  1. The core of the Earth.
  2. A place where light and darkness meets.
  3. Reading a blank book.
  4. Waiting for someone.
  5. A diamond with no edges.
  6. An underwater earthquake.
  7. A glass door with no handles.
  8. Silence that speaks louder.
  9. A mirror showing your deepest desires (like in Harry Potter😋).
  10. A long road with no end.
  11. A mystery that could never be solved.
  12. A universe within a universe
  13. A radio playing Visions of Gideon on repeat.
  14. A person trying hard to walk on a wire, by making a balance.
  15. Reading magical realism and non-fiction together.
  16. A place where weather changes unpredictably, sometimes it rains endlessly and sometimes there is drought.
  17. A wall that yearns to be broken.
  18. A song with no lyrics.
  19. A letter that was never sent.
  20. A house where people can live without paying any rent.
  21. A place where truth and lie play hide and seek.

P.S. So, how many of these could you relate with?

This is a series, so would be doing more posts like this in future as well.

Featured Image: Unsplash.com

12 thoughts on “Eyes: In Metaphors

  1. Wish you have numbered these 😁.
    Ok! I can just copy and paste the ones i supposedly comply with.
    1. A house where people can live without paying any rent.
    2.Silence that speaks louder
    3.A letter that was never sent
    4.A mystery that could never be solved.
    5. The universe within a universe.
    Must say this list is full of mystery in itself. You are quite an observer. I guess you have the eyes of the eagle, do kites have strong visions too? (I guess these preying birds are like “I am watching you”) 🤣.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, It is actually good, i get to reread those for better insight, you know deep meanings. Always remember the first option is always the correct.😁. I hope this misfit suggestion fits here. 😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

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