‘Love’: In metaphors

LOVE. Such a simple word with a complicated meaning or may be we humans have the habit of complicating everything. Now, if I talk about it in metaphors, would it get simpler to understand?

Sometimes, when I get bored of thinking straight, I think in metaphors. It’s a kind of meditation to me. It’s just like playing a game with my thoughts.

A Metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is regarded as representative or symbolic of something else. In other words, I will be listing some examples that symbolize ‘Love’. So adding another post in my ‘In Metaphors’ series. Let’s see how many of these you could relate to.

  1. Sweet and Sour soup.
  2. Dancing the Waltz(Google it if you don’t know what is Waltz).
  3. The Shape of Water.
  4. A language only eyes can speak.
  5. Pizza with Pineapple topping.😛
  6. Trying to hold sand in your hands.
  7. A disease you don’t want to get vaccinated for.
  8. Walking inside Black holes.
  9. A bunch of Harmless Lies.
  10. Listening to Cold/Mess (if you prefer English) or Grey Waala Shade( if you prefer Hindi) 😛
  11. Mending together two broken pieces.
  12. A game where you neither win nor lose.
  13. Celebrating flaws.
  14. An iceberg.
  15. Drinking an old wine.
  16. Sharing last piece of your favourite chocolate.
  17. A book you can re-read endless times.
  18. A situation in which you would like to wait, because giving up is not an option.
  19. Endless conversations between waves and seashore.
  20. A genuine reason to talk about unreasonable things.


1. It’s been a long time since I have written anything in my personal blog. As a matter of fact, I was not completely missing in action. I was writing on Minireads. But, at the same time I was reluctant to write anything here. Sometimes you need to take a break and sort things out. And then that break turned into a kind of writing slump. I was lost and stuck in the process of getting lost.

2. Few months back I saw this movie:- “Lost in translation” (a glimpse of which you can see in the featured image). In my life I swear, I had never related to a movie so much. It was an eye opening experience for me. This movie made me realize I am not alone in facing identity crisis and doubting myself at each and every step, just like the character of Scarlett Johansson in the movie. This made me realize how much I was pretending and how much I was holding it within myself. I tried writing about that experience but the effect the movie had on me, made me numb on every try. This became a never ending loop of trying and giving up. I finally was able to write down all my feelings together in a post, but seeing its negativity, I couldn’t muster courage to post it and ended up deleting it.

I decided to start with something positive instead. So, this post is just a way to break the ice. To bring an end to my slump and to stop pretending more. How many of these were you able to relate to? Also, let me know what do you think about Love in metaphors? Looking forward to your replies. 😁

I really missed this blog and my fellow bloggers. Will connect with you all. 😊

Thank you for bearing with my senseless ramblings!

26 thoughts on “‘Love’: In metaphors

  1. I was going through each of these points, thinking and realizing how accurate & apparent as if a part of me screaming – ‘Yeah! That’s what it’s been.’ Although, I still reserve my doubts for black hole one, unapologetically 😛

    Welcome back Pragati! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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