Ring (Inktober Day-1)

#Inktober #Day1


A very fond childhood memory struck me when I saw the prompt for Inktober’s day 1 i.e. Ring.

The sweet memory of watching Cinderella, after coming back from school. Sympathizing with her and loathing her step mother and step-sisters. But, the episode that I always looked forward to was when she visits the Prince in the prom at palace. When Fairy Godmother transforms her into a Princess. I was mesmerized by the magic, her dress and especially her shoes(Also, dreaming of owning them one day- silly childhood dreams😛).

Not forgetting the most crucial part. When I used to anxiously wait for the clock to strike 12. When the bell will ring, the magic will break and she will run away, away from the Prince, away from the superficiality, from fake reality, from the lies.

Years passed, I outgrew and forgot that entire episode. But along with it, I made my own version of Cinderella, subconsciously. The fact was that I didn’t realize it, but later, when life happened. Sometimes you just need to look back at things that mattered to you at some point of life and collect the lost pieces of you. For me it was the power, that I long forgotten I had. The power of deciding right or wrong. The power of running away from wrong things, because sometimes running away is the only right thing to do. The power of knowing your inner call, when your heart rings.

Because we are talking about rings, I would like to share a weird fear. I always get anxious when any phone rings. Surprisingly, I also got to read about this fear in the book- If on a winter’s night a traveller by Italo Calvino.

Absurd right? But not really. It was more like a fear of not missing the opportunity, the right time, the chance or the mystery that lies on the other side of the call. In a similar way, one needs to be attentive, to take your inner call, to decide for yourself, before it’s too late.

P.S. As I had promised on writing more, I decided to participate in Inktober 2019. Where I will be posting a sketch, daily this month, based on Inktober’s prompt list. If you are interested in participating you can check this link.

To be honest, art has been my least favourite subject in school as I sucked at it. But, sometimes you just need to face your fears. My motive of participating is more about being consistent and writing the things that comes on my mind based on the daily prompts, so I can deal with the struggle of drawing.😛

How are you all? Do you also have any childhood memory that helped you recently? Or any weird fear you would like to talk about? ☺

Featured Image: unsplash.com/@wan_theweirdo

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