Mindless (Inktober Day-2)

#Day2 #Inktober


Life teaches you lessons in unexpected ways. When you are totally mindless, to what is coming next, it will surprise you. And when you try to connect the dots, everything starts making sense. Amazing, isn’t?

Similar thing happened yesterday morning. After a very long time, I decided to soak myself in the morning sun- a luxury only few people can afford to nowadays. Cutting away from all the social media platforms, I have so much time left for myself, that it is getting addictive. I couldn’t agree more with what Jim Carrey says- Solitude is addictive. It’s really, believe me!

It was raining for many days, and seeing the warm morning light, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing a moment of bliss and hope. Rain always leaves pieces of its presence after it’s gone. It not only ends few things, but also gives birth to a new life. For me it was the presence of these worms roaming mindlessly in the veranda, where I was enjoying my moment of bliss.

Every happy moment comes with a cost. And for me it was the company of these uninvited guest, who unapologetically kept on coming towards me one at a time. That not only disturbed my peace of mind but also made me cautious. Seeing no other way, every time a worm came near me, I had to push it away with a pen. Dealing with one, the other one came darting towards me, and I had to push it away harder. I noticed how every time I shrugged it off, it rolled itself in a circle and after few seconds it started moving in the direction in which its head was pointing. Thus, in a new direction everytime, without being aware of, in a mindless way. This intrigued me, as if I had never seen it before.

May be I did, but it never clicked me so much. It was an eye opening experience for me. It made me contemplate on the scenario we all are seeing and experiencing, but sadly not acknowledging it. Because we have become so mindless in doing things, and going with the herd, we don’t really know the direction we are heading is right or wrong. It’s meant for us or not. We have become mindless towards noticing the little things, the tiny moments of bliss. Taking a break and experiencing it made me realize what we are really missing.

P.S. When was the last time, you learned a lesson in an unexpected way? Do you prefer mindfulness or being mindless?

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4 thoughts on “Mindless (Inktober Day-2)

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  3. The blind couple I saw at the station, selling chikkis, holding hands with a smile that doesn’t care about any sadness, The soft vulnerable silky puffy haired seed that majestically steers it’s way through turbulent winds, The ants that march towards all the edible stuff and no matter how hard it is, the only weapon of these tiny soldiers are hard work and dedicating time to a task. These are some of the massively valuable lessons I learnt from nature.

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