Frail (Inktober Day-8)

#Day8 #Inktober


Illustration on ‘Frail’ #InktoberPromptDay8(Inspired from Henn Kim’s works)

When I first came to know about Today’s Inktober Prompt- Frail, a weird feeling caught me. As if something was pulling me away. A time I had long forgotten or may be tried to forget. The curtains unfolded and there in front my eyes I could see my moments of frailty once again, as fresh as the morning breeze.

I have been following Henn Kim‘s work for more than 2 years now. It was one of those moments in life, when a slight blow, could shake me up to the core. I was in constant conflict with my troubled mind and frail heart. A place of solace was what I longed for in those moments that felt like eternity. Scrolling anxiously through the Instagram feed, I landed on Henn Kim’s page.

In just two colors – black & white, it looked like a completely new world to me. A world I was craving for, a parallel universe. Ironically, I just needed this monochrome world to fill colors in my deserted life. The illustration that I have tried to draw today, was the first Henn Kim’s work that I couldn’t get my eyes off.

I saved it then and there, made it my phone wallpaper. In those hard days, I allowed that image to sink in me deeply, to embrace me in its magical world, I was ready to flow in its depth. There was always this weird feeling of calming melancholy. As if in the form of an image, I had got a distant companion for myself. A girl, whose face I can not see, but her presence in the picture was enough to bring peace to my frail heart.

When I was trying to recollect my thoughts- putting into words my moments of frailty, the only image I could think of was this one. The power of art is immeasurable. In the similar way, the power that Henn Kim gave me all these years, through her Art, is invaluable. This post is just my little tribute to her, for being that beacon of light in my life, for being with me in my difficult times through her Art. A ‘Thank You’ that was long due.

I thank you with all my heart! 😊

“How frail the human heart must be- a mirrored pool of thought.”

– Sylvia Plath

P.S. 1. You can check out Henn Kim’s work here.

2. Have you ever encountered such moments of frailty? If you are willing to share it, I am all ears.😊

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