Overgrown (Inktober Day-14)

#Day14 #Inktober


Illustration on ‘Overgrown’ #InktoberPromptDay14

Based on Today’s Inktober Prompt- Overgrown, I had a number of obscure ideas but they were not materializing into something satisfactory. Overgrown- the word is not new to me. When I think of it, I have endless things to talk about.

The problem was how to transfer those things and feelings in my head into something artistic. How to draw something that could compensate with my feelings.

Balance is an essential aspect of life. Anything excess/over could seep into you like a weed, killing you from inside. Just like this, overgrowing is a disease. You have to keep a check on when things are going out of hand, because too much of clutter is toxic.

Music plays a major role in giving you unexpected ideas. Just like today, when I started doodling something, listening to Sia’s Thunderclouds, and it turned out this way.

At the end, the illustration shows what I exactly feel about the word Overgrown. And I hope people would be able to relate with it.

Life is like an overgrown garden. You can spend your time cursing the weeds, or you can work to pull them out. In either case, the flowers are what matter.

– Sabrina Jeffries

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Featured Image: Unsplash.com

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