Tread (Inktober Day-20)

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Today’s Inktober prompt again gave me an excuse to share a part of my life with you all. It’s more like a fear than a memory, that still makes me shiver whenever I try to remember it. This may sound absurd to some people, but I had this weird thought that kept on nudging me from time to time during my childhood days. Whenever I used to walk on a road and I saw some drain hole on the road side, I was always curious to peep into what’s inside it. Seeing the darkness and hollowness inside that hole, both intrigued and awed me at the same time. Similar thing happened when I tried to peep into the underground well at my Grandmother’s place. I was surprised by the fact that there was a completely new world on the other side, deep underground. A silent world that worked in its own mysterious ways- the world of water. And the mere thought of it made me feel so insignificant that sometimes I used to tread softly on the road. I feared that may be putting too much pressure while walking will wake up the silent world inside. Growing up and remembering this thought made me feel weird, but not later when I read this short story- The Watery Realm by Yuko Tsushima, where the protagonist shares same thoughts as the younger me used to have or may be still do.

P.S. Do you also have any weird memory or fear that you want to forget ?

“We mortals who dwell on land have always imagined, at the bottom of the sea, another world, where we are not meant to go, chill and beautiful. The sea does seem a far more likely place of concealment than the sky.”

-Yuko Tsushima, The Watery Realm

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