Tasty(Inktober Day-25)

#Day25 #Inktober


Illustration on ‘Tasty’ #InktoberPromptDay25

People are the reflection of the food they eat. Because it’s not just about the food, but stories behind it, that makes it special. But, change is the only constant in life.

It’s a festive season and when I observe things closely, I could see just like our lives, the food we eat has also evolved to the extent that we have long forgotten what it actually tasted like. The food has become mere a source of survival.

But sometimes I think, is it alright to put all the blame on the food?

What about us? We, humans, who always long for comfort. The comfort that comes with eating their favourite food at a particular place and time. Because it’s not just the food, but the memories attached to it that makes it tastier. We cherish that moment, thinking it will last forever.

Going through the tedious cycle of life and trying to regain what I had cherished, I feel like I misplaced something.

Numbed, we lose the taste of home. That taste which I had forgotten now comes back to me.

The memories, where did they all go?”

– From the Anime Film ‘Flavors of Youth’

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Featured Image: Unsplash.com

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