Melons are not the only fruit

The title of this post is inspired from Jeanette Winterson’s book Oranges are not the only fruit. Honestly, there is no relation between her book and what I want to write here. I could have used a more apt title, but then why be happy when you could be cool (hint: another Winterson’s book).

I don’t know why Winterson chose Oranges, but after reading Deborah Levy’s memoirs I definitely know that Oranges were her favourite. My point behind these irrelevant references is that ‘favouritism‘ is a real thing. It is so much ingrained into ourselves right from the childhood that we love to ignore the things we dislike/hate as if they don’t exist in this world. We are happy to shut them off like we ignore our textbooks after the exams.

Humans tend to have a habit of filtering out all the goods and favourites, and this is where the problem lies. Just like I am ignoring the fact that Melons rhyme with Lemons and talking about lemons is completely different story(meh!). So keeping aside the sour part let’s focus on the sweet watery melons for today.

An example to be taken with a pinch of salt

Melon is not just a fruit for me but a journey in a metaphorical way. Just like there is no linear path in life, eating water melons felt like going in that zig-zag journey that is never easy.

Let me explain further, just like in ‘life’ you never know what the next step will entail similarly while eating melons there is a constant fear of encountering a melon seed and accidentally gulping it down.

I feared Melon seeds. They were just like the things we call obstacles in life. The dilemma is you want to devour that juicy melon but at the same time hate the idea of swallowing those seeds. This made me dislike melon. It became a thing I loved but hated at the same time. I knew that there were so many benefits, but the presence of those tiny obstacles(melon seeds) prevented me from taking the plunge, making my relationship with Melons a melodramatic one.

So what do you think, how I faced this problem?

Simple- I decided to change my perspective.

What if I can’t eat watermelons, I could still take the plunge of removing the seeds before hand and make a juice out of it. Sounds simple, right?

No matter how complicated a problem is when you try to find a solution it always turns out to be simple. The main thing is ‘to try’ instead of giving up.

P.S. I hope my history with watermelons taught you a lesson or two today.

P.P.S. Since last few months I totally forgot that I had a blog on WordPress. Thank you for staying! ☺

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